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X-Lab is my state of art. Experiment with these arts and crafts in my lab

Artist Statement

My studio practice is all about exploration and experimentation. I create stunning artist books, prints, installations, and 3-dimensional forms using papermaking techniques that transform the patterns of Chinese culture into vibrant, colorful visual poetry. Drawing inspiration from the magical world around me, my art is infused with a sense of wonder and whimsy that captures the essence of artistic vision. And in my artistic creation and learning, I am curious about different materials. Each material has its own characteristics, and I hope I can understand them fundamentally and communicate with them.




Xue’er Gao (she/her) is graduate of the MFA book art and printmaking program at the university of the arts in Philadelphia, PA and BFA in studio art printmaking at James Madison University. Also, she works as a freelance visual artist and photographer.

Gao's work is grounded in her background in studio art, particularly in book, printmaking, and papermaking, where she learned and practiced various techniques, later combining them in multiple editions. She has also honed her photography skills, film and digital, and combined them with her practice. She has spent significant time studying traditional Chinese crafts and culture, observing nature, and paying attention to her surroundings.

"Art is all about experimentation, and I believe that there are no limits to what you can create if you have the courage to try."


2019    James Madison University | BFA Studio Art

2022    University of the Arts | MFA Book Arts and Printmaking


2023    Hacking the Library: An Art in the Libraries Exhibition, West Virginia University          Libraries | Morgantown, WV

2023    Philly 2023 MFA Graduates, Commonweal. Gallery | Philadelphia, PA

2023    Shapes and colors, Gallerium Art Gallery | online

2023    Local Art, I Knead Coffee | Philadelphia, PA

2023    Ink, Press, Repeat University Galleries| William Paterson University, Wayne, NJ


2022    Book Arts and Print MFA WIP SHOW Anderson Hall Gallery 224 | Philadelphia, PA

2022    Searching for a New Normal Parkway Central Library | Philadelphia, PA

2022    WIP Exhibition Gallery 224 | Philadelphia, PA


2021    Uarts Book Arts, Printmaking alumni show, Icebox Project Space | Philadelphia,


2019    Why You Change Chord, Arts Council of the Valley | Harrisonburg, VA

2019    Juried Show, James Madison University | Harrisonburg, VA


2018    SPACE, Critique Space 2027 | Harrisonburg, VA

2018    Emerging and Emerged Pt. 3, Artwork Gallery | Harrisonburg, VA

2018    Record Keepers, Duke Hall Gallery | Harrisonburg, VA

2018    Anything, Artwork Gallery | Harrisonburg, VA

2018    Accumulation, Pop-Up Art Collective | Harrisonburg, VA

2018    39th Annual Student Print Exhibition Traveling Exhibition James Madison University

        Harrisonburg, VA




2023    Lighthouse Weekly Spring

2023    Quibble, Issue 9: Puzzle. Riddle. Puddle

2023    Beyond Queer Words, A Collection of Stories, February 2023 (Fourth Edition)

2019    Gardy Loo, Literary & Arts Magazine SPRING

2018    Gardy Loo, Literary & Arts Magazine FALL

2018    Gardy Loo Literary & Arts Magazine Spring

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